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FAQ about our memberships

What’s the difference between a Tribe session (membership required) and a private lesson?

Getting better at golf takes consistency and accountability. That’s what our memberships provide. Tribe members get access to weekly “Tribe Practice Sessions". Each member gets their own TrackMan bay and we guide them through a highly efficient practice session. Tribe sessions provide regular maintenance to the golf swing and mental game and you see our rockstar coaches every week. Private lessons are great accelerators, but the reality is you must practice well to improve…and that’s what are memberships are built around. We keep you consistent and are the accountability partner you need.

What are the benefits of joining The Tribe?

By joining the Tribe, you're making a financial and time investment to get better at golf. We take that seriously and specialize in giving you the ROI you dream of. Our coaches provide structure to your practice and are available for private lessons, club fittings and Tribe Coaching Sessions. When you join The Tribe, you're making a commitment to practice and chase your goals. Not only are we coaching you along the way, but your membership includes time to practice on our TrackMan simulators.

Do you offer lesson packages?

Not specifically. We listen to your goals while you determine how much time and money you want to invest and then we  design a custom plan for you. Private lessons are amazing, but if your looking to get dialed in and make big gains then we believe our coaching memberships are the best bang for your buck. If you do 2-3 private lessons, that is more than the cost of a membership. For our members, we really specialize in teaching them not only what to practice, but HOW to practice.

golfball on tee with iron golf club

If you want to take your game to the next level, our memberships will get you there

Here at Tribe Golf, we ask you to think about your goals you have for your game and how much time you want to put in. We have everything from practice memberships to elite coaching memberships. Get your game to the next level with joining Tribe.

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